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Object Detection

Analyze Mobility In Real Time

Catalyst was created to empower cities, economic development agencies, and property operators with analytics to better understand mobility in real time. We use artificial intelligence to classify objects traveling through open space while ensuring we honor privacy concerns.

As a customer, you can subscribe to our many device applications to measure the impact of restaurant openings, closing, real estate developments, local events, weather conditions, consumer sentiments, and identify businesses at risk of closing.

Data Analysis

Cloud Based Interactive Dashboard

Get access your data anywhere in the world, and share data with your internal partners or influencers.

View & Export Reports on Demand

Share Intel w/ Brokers via Link

Get Milestone Alerts

Heatmap Analysis

Alexa Integration (coming Q4 2020)

Dwell Time Analysis

Why Catalyst Applications

Add On Solutions To Gain A 360 Degree Perspective

Consumer Experience

Transform millions of data points into quantified consumer perceptions that help to understand ways to attract customers.


Consumer Journeys

Analyze where else consumers shop and visit and what they value about these other locations. Benchmark retail stores against similiar local entities.

Vulnerability Analysis

Identify which businesses are at-risk of closing due to a high volume of compliants, or local economic conditions.


Store Openings / Closings

A new restaurant, clothing store, grocery anchor can be a game changer for a retail district. We help you measure the impact.

Pollution / Co2 Monitoring

Integrate our pollution and CO2 sensors to measure the air quality and pollution of an area.


Real Estate Developments

Track planned, in-progress, and delivered projects to mea- sure the impact on foot traffic, vehicular traffic, and local events

Solar Power Installation

We install a 100W solar panel to ensure the system operates 24 hours without disruption.

Hardwire Installation

Hardwire Catalyst to a physical building or light-post to ensure consistent data feed without a solar panel.


Our technology with your existing live video feed to analyze activity in real-time.


Find out what's working and what's not Dig into your data to find

Device Features And Installation

Catalyst was created to empower cities, economic development agencies, and property operators with analytics to better understand mobility in real time.

  • Dwell Time Analysis
  • Pedestrian Counts
  • Vehicle Counts
  • Micro Mobility Vehicles
  • Community Profile
  • Number of Dogs
  • Sanitization Monitoring
  • Mask Detection
  • License Plate Analysis
  • Real Time Surveillance
  • Impact of Local Events, Weather, Real Estate
Want to Analyze Something Different?

AreaProbe Technician Team Information

EJ Harrision

Ed is responsible for client management. He works directly with the installation team, and electricians to ensure a timely delivery and set client expectations. He has past experience working with solar panels as an associate for Solar City. EJ lives in Prince George's County, Maryland with his family.


Frenell Jean George

Frenell is a client manager in the Boston, MA market. He is responsible to developing and managing relationships with clients in the Northeast quadrant of the country for AreaProbe. Frenell works directly with our installation team to ensure our projects are delivered on-time and on budget. He lives in Cambridge, MA with his family.

Richard McDevitt

Richard is a seasoned audio/visual professional. He has past experience working with large security system companies such as ADT, and has experience leading a team of regional installers. Richard received his bachelor’s degree from UMBC and is an expert in developing creative strategies to implement Wi-Fi systems across large geographic areas.


Joe Olds

Joe has over 30 years of experience in electrical services and inspections. As the head inspector for the state of Maryland, Joe was responsible for inspecting traffic systems, cameras, and electrical/digital systems. Joe lives in Prince George's County, Maryland with his wife and family

Mumpy Bhajipale

Mumpy has experience in information Technology and Sales. Mumpy is responsible for Client support services and Project Cost estimation for Surveillance Systems, control Access Panels, Solar Panels, Video Intercoms, Audio Door Intercom, and Intrusion Detection for North America and Asian Markets.


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